The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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  • The New 991 Turbo / S Plenum

    The 991 Porsche Turbo is a completely redesigned model but the engine is relatively identical to 997.2 Turbo. This latest generation Turbo engine, titled the 9A1, delivers 520 HP (560 HP with the "S") and once again, raises the proverbial performance bar in the sports car world. Porsche retained the VTG turbos as well as the 3.8 liter displacement from Read More
  • Latest Dyno Test - 997.2 Turbo S

    We were recently "called out" on one of the more popular Porsche forums regarding our performance claims by another IPD Plenum non-believer. Of course we always try to find an active and well respected forum member / volunteer who is local and willing to donate his car and time towards the cause. Thankfully we are in Southern California so there's no Read More
  • New IPD 991 Turbo Y-Pipe in the Werks

    Shown above is the 997 Turbo Y-Pipe that has been polished and powder coated yellow to match the calipers and roll cage.Although the 991 Turbo Plenum is very similar to the previous 997.2 Turbo Plenum, the Y-Pipes are completely different from each other. IPD is currently performing all the R & D and will be engineering the best possible Y-Pipe Read More
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