The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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  • 996 and 997 Carrera Plenums Get Revised 82mm Competiton Design

    The standard IPD 74mm Carrera Plenums (996 and 997.1) that utilize the factory 74mm throttle body are back in stock and ready to ship. The latest production runs of the new and improved 996 and 997.1 Carrera Plenums benefit from the same advancements implemented in the 996 and 997.1 Carrera Competition 82mm Plenums featuring the dimpled surface for improved flow Read More
  • IPD Elevates the Already Visceral Driving Experience of the NEW GTS

    The new Cayman GTS is the latest evolution of the third generation Cayman. This performance focused circuit carving Cayman cranks out an additional 15 horsepower but still utilizes the restrictive 74mm throttle body to prevent it from encroaching into coveted Carrera territory. That's why we only offer "Competition" versions of the 981 Plenums which require upgrading the factory 74mm throttle Read More
  • The New 991 Turbo / S Plenum

    The 991 Porsche Turbo is a completely redesigned model but the engine is relatively identical to 997.2 Turbo. This latest generation Turbo engine, titled the 9A1, delivers 520 HP (560 HP with the "S") and once again, raises the proverbial performance bar in the sports car world. Porsche retained the VTG turbos as well as the 3.8 liter displacement from Read More
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