The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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991 Carbon Y-Pipe
New 991 Carbon Y-Pipes
Our brand new 991 Carbon Y-Pipes are designed and engineered to deliver substantial net horsepower and torque gains across both power curves, but without the weight penalty of cast aluminum construction.
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991.2 Turbo Plenum
991.2 Turbo Plenum Raises the Performance Bar Again
IPD took delivery of its 991.2 Turbo S and the R&D started the second it arrived at its new home. The new Turbo doesn’t substantially benefit from any one particular upgrade, but the sum of its improvements deliver a superior overall Turbo compared to the already impressive 991.1 Turbo it replaces.
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IPD Carrera Plenums
IPD Carrera Plenums – Elevating Carrera Flat 6 Performance to the Next Level Since 1999
Explore the power and performance of all the IPD Carrera Plenums from 996 to 992

All IPD Plenums deliver substantial performance gains guaranteed to elevate the driving excitement of any Porsche, but the Carrera Plenums substantially improve engine power and torque across both power bands, especially in the mid-range.
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992 Carrera
992 Carrera Plenums
The Completely Reimagined 992 Carrera Plenums Available Now!!!

The 992 Carrera engine is another modern marvel from Porsche. Although displacement remains unchanged at 3.0L, there are a plethora of upgrades that elevate the 9A2 Evo engine above the previous 991.2 model. But the factory “T” air distributor remains, allowing the IPD “Y” Plenum to deliver additional net HP & TQ gains across both power bands.
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All About IPD Plenums in Under 60 Seconds
All About IPD Plenums in Under 60 Seconds
5 Most Important Facts Superior and more efficient design over the factory intake.The IPD Plenums are products of efficiency that simply improve intake air flow and increase air velocity.
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Explore the Power and Performance
Explore the Power and Performance of the IPD Turbo Plenums
All IPD Plenums deliver substantial power and torque gains guaranteed to elevate the performance of any Porsche, but the Turbo Plenums deliver an even bigger power with both stock and modified Turbos. The patented “Y” design of the IPD Plenums work exceptionally well with forced induction applications
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987 1 Plenum 01 211 800 600 80 sm

The innovative and patented design of the IPD Porsche Plenums improve and optimize intake air flow by replacing the factory plastic “T” style air distributor with our more efficient, cast aluminum “Y” designed Plenum. This superior merge collector splits and channels intake air flow, reducing air turbulence and increasing air velocity. This proven design delivers impressive net power and torque gains across both power bands from launch to redline.

997 Turbo Y Pipe AWe also offer Y-Pipes for turbo applications which feature an accentuated merge collector area that manages the intake air flows from each intercooler so they meet in a more parallel manner as air enters the throttle body, minimizing turbulence and increasing boost response. The combination of the Plenum and the turbo Y-Pipe are guaranteed to deliver substantial power and torque gains sure to elevate your Porsche driving experience to the next level.

IPD Plenums have earned the reputation of being the single best “bolt on” performance upgrade you can install on a late model (1999-Current) Porsche. These products provide the best power per dollar return in the Porsche after-market industry today. They have been tested, challenged and proven repeatedly to deliver our impressive, claimed power gains.

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All of our products are designed and manufactured in the USA and come with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied after 90 days.

The IPD Plenum was the finishing touch to my 911, you felt the difference across the entire RPM range. The quality was also amazing compared to the... Read More

997.1 Carrera 4S

I installed the plenum which was extremely simple. I was not sure being I did not change the throttle body how much change I would notice. I was very... Read More

997.2 Carrera S

Nicely designed, easy to install (by Boxster standards anyway) The real proof is in driving the car!! the throttle response is totally an upgrade... Read More

986 Boxster

Great product and easy to install. More air = more horsepower

986 Boxster S

Great quality and upgrade can feel the difference!

986 Boxster

The IPD plenum made a huge difference in the performance of my 911. Air flow is less restricted, and power delivery is much smoother. I give this... Read More

991.2 Carrera 3.0L Turbo

This is the second plenum I've used in a build. Despite all the naysayers on forums, this product delivers. It IS the middle of the pipe, you need to... Read More

997.1 Carrera S

Excellent product! Fitment was superb and performance gains were apparent immediately when I stepped on the throttle. Have recommended your products... Read More

958 Cayenne Turbo

Works well with the GT3 throttle body, headers, exhaust, and tune that I had on my car. Hasn’t and never will be on a dyno but feels quicker and... Read More

987.1 Cayman/Boxster

Great product, reaction time improved nicely.

991.1 Turbo S

I observed a significant increase in both HP and Torque immediately following the fitting of the IPD Plenum and IPD Y Pipe, they were both relatively... Read More

997.2 Turbo

Great product and perfect fitment. Had some power gains, super fun to drive afterwards! I should have done this years ago. Took it on the freeway and... Read More

991.2 Carrera 3.0L Turbo

Plenum and Y-Pipe great product!

997.1 Turbo

I run IPD plenum in both my cars, easiest way to get performance gains noticeable by the seat of your pants. Easy install, instantaneous upgrade.... Read More

970 Panamera Turbo

Made a noticeable difference in mid band performance and part throttle drivability of my 2016 Cayenne turbo. I was skeptical at first but it’s... Read More

958 Cayenne Turbo

The product is must for all Porsche owners. In addition to the plenum, I have added a TB from the Carrera GT. The power is just sublime. Greg... Read More

987.1 Boxster

We have chosen to use IPD plenums on all of our Porsches. We honestly believe they increase the airflow into the engine, improving performance. We... Read More

911 Turbo, '01 911 Carrera, '05 Cayman S, '08 Cayenne Turbo S

IPD, thank you for developing a cable throttle version plenum for the 3.4l motor. I can state that this plenum does provide an immediate improvement... Read More

1999 Carrera

Stock, this twin turbocharged car's ONLY "weak" point has been its lack of the various sounds that would come along with an NA performance car... Read More

991.1 Turbo

Fantastic build quality and finish. I was hesitant at first but so glad I did it. It is one of the lower cost upgrades we can add to our car. I love... Read More

997.1 Carrera S

As one of the first new Cayman S owners ( American, living in England, USAF military) I made many modifications including an IPD plenum to the 3.4... Read More

987.1 Cayman S

Love it! Also added hi flow air box and filter. Picked up 20+ HP and a noticeable amount or low end grunt. Feels great on the track or bopping around... Read More

1999 Carrera

Have gained noticeable power due to the IPD Plenum and Y-Pipe, would recommend to anybody looking for more than what stock has to offer.

991 Turbo S

The IPD made all the other performance mods in my car come together. Wow! Transformational. The smoothness and torque through the entire rpm band is... Read More

991.2 Carrera S 3.0L

IPD products deliver the best bang for the buck performance and are a critical component of every By Design package we offer because they always... Read More

By Design

We only sell & install the parts that we utilize on our own project cars. The first port of call on any Shark Werks build is an IPD Completion Plenum!

Shark Werks

IPD Plenums and Y-pipes are a valuable part of our product line for their performance and value. Time and time again--whether it's on the dyno, the... Read More

Evolution MotorSports, Inc.

FVD Brombacher has a long tradition of offering high quality, extensively tested, easily installed tuning products that offer proven performance.... Read More

FVD Brombacher

For many years we've trusted IPD Plenums to enhance the performance of Porsche vehicles. Every time we've put them on the dyno, they've made power.... Read More

Flat 6 Motorsports

Fantastic product, excellent design and met performance expectations.

2011 Boxster Spyder

After taking stock throttle body and plenum off the Porsche and then installed the IPD plenum with new throttle body and silicone hose got more... Read More

2001 986 Boxster

I have to say I definitely feel a difference in the torque and HP after installing the competition plenum on my 911. Very quick and easy to install.... Read More

2007 Carrera S

Excellent quality and a very straightforward install! I love that this is a thick, cast piece that gives me confidence for similar resilience and... Read More

2005 Carrera

I installed the IPD Plenum and GT3 Throttle Body on my 981 Cayman. The installation was relatively straight forward and was certainly made easier by... Read More

2015 Cayman 981 Base (2.7)

"...The extra torque can definitely be felt especially when getting on it to get on the freeway. Overall I'm happy with the build quality and... Read More

2014 Panamera Turbo

Installed in my 2011 911S In addition to Carbon Air intake and upgraded Exhaust each upgrade was done separately the latest upgrade the plenum ,... Read More

2011 911S

I purchased a plenum from IPD in July 2022, the 84 mm enlarged plenum. I experienced an instant boost in horsepower accompanied by an incredible howl... Read More

2002 Porsche Carrera Coupe

Installed IPD plenum and GT3 throttle body for my 2007 911 4S. I also ordered a software Flash for my ECM. The support team with IPD were very... Read More

2007 997.1 4S

We just installed the IPD 981 GT4 Competition Plenum and factory GT3 Throttle Body on my personal GT4. The increase in torque, throttle response, and... Read More


As a company that specializes in Porsche parts, it is essential that we have first-hand experience with the products we sell and recommend to our... Read More

996 Carrera

It Completely changed my GT4. It is now very exciting to drive. Better throttle response, and the sound is fantastic! I highly recommend doing this... Read More

Cayman GT4

Super happy with the new IPD Plenum the guys over @sharkwerks installed on my 992 carrera! Car feels a lot more stronger higher up in the power ban.... Read More

2021 Carrera S

This upgrade is an easy way to gain horsepower for an affordable price!
I wish I would have done it earlier!

911 Carrera S 2008

It has been years since I purchased and installed my first IPD Plenum, in my first Panamera Turbo S. Since then, I have installed IPD Plenums in all... Read More

Panamera Turbo & Cayenne Turbo

It has been years since I purchased and installed my first IPD Plenum, in my first Panamera Turbo S. Since then, I have installed IPD Plenums in all... Read More

Cayenne Turbo & Panamera Turbo

Great product! Easy installation and a noticeably BIG improvement! I wish I would have done this sooner!

2008 911 Carrera S

Throttle response is much improved. IPD Plenum and 82mm throttle body!

2002 911 C4S

I was a little skeptical of the performance boasts but I was pleasantly surprised.
It was not a head pinning back to your seat kind of upgrade but... Read More

2003 Carrera 4S

I definitely feel that extra HP and trq ... Even with the 91 octane fuel... Plan to Dyno this combined with the Cobb 81 Octane SW tune!!!

I... Read More

2013 911 Carrera 4S

It's nice to have IPD on my NA 996 3.6L. I had IPD parts for my 992 Carrera also. You can feel a lot of air go into the filter, get more horsepower.

2003 996.2 Carrera C4S

I purchased the Plenum and GT3 Throttle body for my 2004 911 what a huge difference this combination has made, Much more Responsive Acceleration and... Read More

2004 996 Carrera

I am so pleased with my purchased. I called IPD and spoke with Greg. We discussed what my intentions are for the car, and he recommended the standard... Read More

2008 997.1 Turbo

Very easy installation and immediate results. Definitely greater throttle response and boost at all ranges. Very happy with this.

2001 986 Boxster S