The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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991 Carbon Y-Pipe
New 991 Carbon Y-Pipes
Our brand new 991 Carbon Y-Pipes are designed and engineered to deliver substantial net horsepower and torque gains across both power curves, but without the weight penalty of cast aluminum construction.
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991.2 Turbo Plenum
991.2 Turbo Plenum Raises the Performance Bar Again
IPD took delivery of its 991.2 Turbo S and the R&D started the second it arrived at its new home. The new Turbo doesn’t substantially benefit from any one particular upgrade, but the sum of its improvements deliver a superior overall Turbo compared to the already impressive 991.1 Turbo it replaces.
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IPD Carrera Plenums
IPD Carrera Plenums – Elevating Carrera Flat 6 Performance to the Next Level Since 1999
Explore the power and performance of all the IPD Carrera Plenums from 996 to 992

All IPD Plenums deliver substantial performance gains guaranteed to elevate the driving excitement of any Porsche, but the Carrera Plenums substantially improve engine power and torque across both power bands, especially in the mid-range.
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992 Carrera
992 Carrera Plenums
The Completely Reimagined 992 Carrera Plenums Available Now!!!

The 992 Carrera engine is another modern marvel from Porsche. Although displacement remains unchanged at 3.0L, there are a plethora of upgrades that elevate the 9A2 Evo engine above the previous 991.2 model. But the factory “T” air distributor remains, allowing the IPD “Y” Plenum to deliver additional net HP & TQ gains across both power bands.
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All About IPD Plenums in Under 60 Seconds
All About IPD Plenums in Under 60 Seconds
5 Most Important Facts Superior and more efficient design over the factory intake.The IPD Plenums are products of efficiency that simply improve intake air flow and increase air velocity.
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Explore the Power and Performance
Explore the Power and Performance of the IPD Turbo Plenums
All IPD Plenums deliver substantial power and torque gains guaranteed to elevate the performance of any Porsche, but the Turbo Plenums deliver an even bigger power with both stock and modified Turbos. The patented “Y” design of the IPD Plenums work exceptionally well with forced induction applications
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IPD will be featuring a constant stream of Plenum tests each month on our website. These articles will be in the form of dyno tests, track tests and competitive events. Each article will focus on specific IPD product applications as well as the other performance upgrades related to the same test.

As always, results, calculations and evaluations will be completely unbiased and never manipulated, falsified or altered. IPD prides itself on delivering ONLY truthful and honest performance claims with absolutely zero unethical misrepresentation. This would be counter productive to our business model and violate everything we stand for personally and professionally.

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Our first test article will feature a very recent dyno test performed by a dealer down under in Australia. Oddly enough we‘ll start at the beginning, this featured plenum is our oldest plenum, the 98 (in Europe) and 99 (elsewhere) Cable throttle Plenum. The 98/99 Carrera represents Porsches dive into water cooled territory. This introductory 996 model was a milestone achievement from Stuttgart but engine power was rather limited with a claimed 296 bhp.


Although the 996 is a completely different car than the previous air cooled models, Porsche continued to carry over their “T” style air distributor intake that has been employed since the 60’s. The IPD Plenum delivers substantial power gains for the 98/99 Cable cars with it’s patented “Y” design. The IPD Plenum optimizes air flow by increasing air flow velocity and reducing air flow turbulence inside the intake of the 3.4 liter engine.

Performance improvements from the IPD Cable Plenum are quite impressive, delivering around 28 HP and 26 Foot Pounds of Torque all at the wheels. As you can see, the IPD Plenum delivers max gains in the mid range where we all need it and enjoy it most. This particular test saw extraordinary gains in the torque department, far above our claimed power gains.

This particular test was performed by BWA Auto in Australia and needless to say their skepticism was soon replaced with very pleased disbelief. They reported that the car feel considerably faster and power gains were definitely noticeable by the “seat of your pants” gauge after installing the IPD Cable Plenum.

996-Cable-A_smCraig Whyms from BWA said, “At BWA Auto we make sure we provide our customers with quality products that we know work and would happily fit to our own personal cars. Which is why we are so excited about the IPD product. The theory behind the product makes sense but sometimes things get lost from the sales brochure to the real world. We decided to supply and fit the IPD plenum to suit a 1999 996 with cable throttle. After a baseline dyno test we then fitted the new plenum which wasn’t a difficult change at all, once fitted back on the dyno we noticed a decent increase on the first dyno pull and then subsequent increase in the next three dyno runs to reach the figures of a max power gain of 11.8kW at the wheels. But the most noticeable thing on the dyno sheets and on the road was in the mid range, the massive torque and mid-range power increase was fantastic to see and also feel on the road. It almost felt like a V8 with the added mid range torque improving light to mid throttle response as well as full throttle push through the mid-range. At BWA Auto we are happy to be taking on the IPD product line and distribution for IPD in Australia We will be recommending this fantastic “Bang for your Buck” bolt on modification to all our late model Porsche customers.”

If any other Aussies are looking to add some solid performance power to their late model Porsche then contact the BWA Auto team at the link on the bottom of the page.

Learn More about the 98/99 IPD Cable Plenum >>

Stay tuned for our next Plenum test. In our continued effort to deliver fresh and meaningful articles we will be posting ALL of our plenum tests, both past and present, for our viewing audience. Thank you for all your continued interest and spending time at ipdplenum.com.

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