The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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Dimpled-Effect-01 thumbIPD's continual quest for improved performance has led to many innovative designs and developments over the years. Once these new ideas are tested and proven to deliver quantifiable performance gains they are then employed in the manufacturing process for future production components.

The fundamental purpose of a plenum is to deliver as much air as possible through a maze of ducts while requiring the least amount of work. IPD has tested numerous internal surfaces inside the Plenum, including polishing, extrude honing, epoxy coating, and shot peening just to name a few. We spend countless hours developing our product and we have finally been able to perfect a dimpling effect that shows gains over our previous attempts.

Dimpled-Effect-02 thumbFundamentally dimpling, akin to a golf ball, creates a thin turbulent boundary layer on the flow surface. The theory behind a golf ball is to keep the air stuck to the back of the ball as long as possible to reduce the wake - and increase pressure behind the ball - while traveling through the air to maximize distance. A similar principal applies in a Porsche plenum, where air travels through a tightly constructed intake to meet the extreme packaging constraints of our rear (and mid!) engine friends. By dimpling the interior surface, there are fewer localized pressure drops around compound curves, thereby increasing the flow. In this case, the theory matches the dyno and we are pleased to announce our latest iteration of the plenum.