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IPD-GT2-at-Shift-Sector-01 thumbThe IPD "House Car" belonging to Turbo Mike recently participated in the Shift Sector Air Strip Attack at the New Coalinga Municipal airport in Northern California. Shift Sector hosts a weekend of "rung what you brung" side by side airstrip racing. Cars of varying horsepower and speed capabilities went head to head for a ½ mile sports car battle.


Turbo Mike's 997 GT2 was laying down 800 HP and 750 foot pounds of torque at the wheels during the weekend. The car was running on 91 octane plus 100% methanol. Keep in mind that the GT2 was driven over 500 miles to and from the event and not trailered. Mike's GT2 is a collaborative project effort between IPD, BBI and Protomotive. Mike has been tuning, wrenching and tweaking on Turbo Porsches since the air cooled days. You can learn more about the IPD GT2 build and mods by clicking here.

Mike completed 4 runs with a best top speed of 181 mph, verified with radar. The first run was against a supercharged C6 Z06 Corvette which Mike beat by a dozen car lengths. The GT2 was running 24 pounds of boost for this first run. The second run was against a 950 WHP Nissan GTR. Mike turned up the boost to 26 psi for this round. The race was very close until the GTR had to lift before the finish line. Round 3 was a race against a 970 WHP Westech AMG Black Series Mercedes. The Mercedes was a fully race prepped car running drag tires. The GT2 beat the Black Series by a very solid margin. See the video here. The last run was against the 1200+ WHP Nissan GTR that eventually won the overall event with a top speed of 204 mph. Needless to say we couldn't quite keep up with the GTR on this final run. The good news is that we only lost by about 4 car lengths.

This was a great event with lots of competition and great car camaraderie and we encourage anyone interested in unleashing their cars potential to attend one of these Shift Sector events. Of course Mike's unquenchable thirst for speed is on overdrive after this weekend. So stay tuned for more details regarding the always on-going IPD GT2 project.

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