The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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996 Turbo Plenum thumbThe IPD Turbo Plenums all deliver substantial power and torque gains but the 996 Turbo Plenum might be the best of the Turbo Plenums. Both the 68mm (OE throttle body) and 74mm 996 Turbo Plenums deliver over 35 wheel HP and over 40 foot pounds of torque to the wheels. Boost response is dramatically improved and both power curves become more linear throughout the entire rev range. The 996 Turbo Plenums requires zero adaptation, just install, drive and hold on. The new generation of the 996 Turbo Plenums will also be dimpled on the interior surfaces for even further improved laminar flow. Bang for the buck, the IPD Turbo Plenums deliver more HP/$$$ than any other performance part available on the market today.


To learn more about the "Tuner Friendly" 996 Turbo Plenum click here.

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