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The Often Forgotten but Always Fun 986 Boxster is Even More Fun with the Competition IPD Plenum

Porsche 986 Boxster 02The 986 Boxsters – Circa 2000-2004

The first production Boxsters were introduced in 1996. This was Porsches first offering of a mid-engine platform, “manufactured” by Porsche since the 550 Spyder. Relatively minor upgrades were made to the Boxster during the early 986 eras, but in 2000 Porsche introduced an “S” model with a 3.2L engine, while increasing the base model engine displacement from 2.5L to 2.7L. During this time, Porsche also switch from a conventional cable driven throttle body to an E-gas electronic throttle body (TB). Of course, power was still being limited by the very restrictive 68mm TB to prevent the Boxster from being too fast and competitive with the 996 Carrera.

986 3 2 Boxster S Dyno Chart 01 thumbClick to EnlargeThese early Boxsters don’t receive the praise as a Porsche classic but they are still great drivers, especially with improved engine output. The Porsche Boxster driving experience can be elevated to an even higher level with the 986 IPD Plenum and larger (Carrera) 74mm TB. Power gains can be found throughout both power and torque curves. Horsepower gains are seen immediately and are fully realized in the mid-range (4400-6000 rpm) where the Plenum and TB deliver an impressive 15-wheel HP. Torque gains are developed down low and remain consistent all the way to 6400 rpm.

The combination of the superior “Y” Plenum designed combined with the larger 74mm TB and smooth bore IPD custom silicone hose result in some impressive performance gains, especially in the light weight package of the 986. Learn more about the IPD Plenums and how they can improve your Porsche performance.

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Porsche 986 Boxster 01