The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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Cayenne Turbo Plenum Installed medPorsche's genius engineers have mastered the art of cross platform component utilization. This expertise has been elevated to a tenth degree black belt level with the current design and development of the new Porsche Cayenne. Many of the components found on the new Cayenne were directly inherited from the older Cayenne models. This approach was even further maximized with each of the Cayenne engines, including the Turbo.

Porsche made some minor changes to a few vent lines on the 958 Turbo OE intake so IPD designed a slightly revised version of the new Cayenne Turbo Plenum maintaining it remain a direct "bolt in" performance upgrade. The new Cayenne Turbo IPD Plenum delivers the same fantastic power and torque increases along with the improved boost response and reliability just like the 955 and 957 models.

IPD has redesigned the Cayenne Turbo intake plenum with a revised and more defined diversion area creating smoother (less turbulent) air flow as well larger inlets which allows increased air flow velocity and volume. The IPD Plenum is the perfect power upgrade for those Porsche driving enthusiasts looking for even more power without sacrificing any reliability or drive-ability. The IPD designed Cayenne Turbo Plenum significantly improves overall boost response and acceleration. Heavily modded Cayenne Turbos will also benefit from IPD's aluminum construction since the factory plastic intakes are prone to cracking due to the extreme engine heat and higher boost levels.

Porsche-958-Cayenne-Turbo-02 smThis more efficient design delivers 30+ WHP and 32+ foot pounds of torque to the wheels further enhancing your Cayenne Turbo driving experience and dropping your lap times to kid's soccer practice. These power improvements will be felt in the "seat of your pants" and provide an unfair advantage against most sports cars. They also come with the IPD satisfaction guarantee if you're not impressive with the IPD performance gains.

The new Cayenne Turbo Plenum is available now. If you're looking for improved performance and power with your Cayenne Turbo give IPD a call for the perfect performance upgrade or visit the 958 Cayenne Turbo product page for more information and pricing.