The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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991 Turbo Y Pipe Dyno 8 15smAfter considerable R & D the IPD 991 Turbo Y-Pipe has proven itself to be an incredible performance upgrade for the latest Porsche Turbo. Extensive testing and multiple prototypes have yielded a final design that delivers substantial power and torque gains for both stock and highly modified 991 Turbos. IPD’s latest Y-Pipe includes air flow improvement features previously found in earlier 997 Turbo Y-Pipes, including accentuated merge collectors, increased volume and dimpled internal surfaces.

The 991 Turbo Y-Pipe benefits from extensive Runner Shape Optimization. Due to manufacturing and packaging constraints with most engine bays, typically intake tubes are essentially round. With the IPD manufacturing process and careful consideration of the existing 991 Turbo engine bay package, we’ve shaped the Y-Pipe tubing in endless cross sectional configurations, allowing for further air flow improvements when considering the curves and bends necessary to route air through the engine compartment. Optimization of the tube cross section and the transitions from one section to the next allows airflow to travel a path with less resistance resulting in an incremental improvement in mass flow rate of air compared to the stock component. With a conventional round tube fabrication, these types of gains aren’t possible, giving the IPD cast aluminum with its infinitely variable cross section arrangement a clear edge over the factory and other after-market designs.

Additional air flow improvements can be found with our accentuated merge collector area as well as our dimpled surfacing of the interior walls all of which further optimize air flow and improve power, torque and boost response. This new design has been rigorously dyno tested and proven to deliver an additional 35 wheel HP and 35 foot pound of torque at the wheels over the factory Y-Pipe. See the dyno chart for specific power and torque gains over the factory Y-Pipe across the entire RPM range. These 2 dyno pulls were performed within 24 hours of each other and under identical weather conditions. The 991 Turbo Y-Pipe delivered considerably quicker boost response with a more linear power and torque delivery. Note: Stock ECU / No Flash. Net gains from 2700 RPM to 5300 RPM.

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