The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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IPD Panamera Turbo Plenum

Panamera_turbo_product_article_01_smPorsche's genius engineers have mastered the art of cross platform component utilization. This expertise has been elevated to a tenth degree black belt level with the current design and development the new Porsche Panamera. The shared components found on the Panamera were directly inherited from the prolific older Cayenne brother. This approach was even further maximized with each of the Panamera engines, including the Turbo.

Porsche made some minor changes to the venting lines on the OE intake so IPD designed a slightly revised version of the Cayenne Turbo Plenum that would be a direct "bolt in" for the Panamera Turbo. The new Panamera Turbo IPD Plenum delivers the same fantastic power and torque increases along with the improved boost response and reliability.

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