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991 Turbo Y-Pipe Prototype Ready for Testing

991 Turbo Pipe Dev smIPD 991 Turbo Y-Pipe after being milled and ready for test fitting. Here the Y-Pipe is ready to be splashed and then milled again for building the tooling for manufacturing.The New 991 Turbo Y-Pipe from IPD has been without question the most challenging and complex product ever produced by IPD. The extensive R & D and prototyping process has required tremendous perseverance combined with state-of-the-art technology to design the absolute best possible Y-Pipe that will yield optimum flow for both stock and modified 991 Turbos. This larger Y-Pipe has uniquely reconfigured runners with a dimpled interior surface for improved Laminar flow, power and torque. This Turbo Y-Pipe will be a true “Bolt On” performance component just like our 997 Turbo Y-Pipes.

Testing the prototype Y-Pipe is scheduled for this month (April). If the new Y-Pipe delivers the performance gains that are expected, mass production will begin immediately. Barring any issues, final manufactured units should be available in late May. Final pricing has yet to be established but the complexity and manufacturing process will most likely price it above our current Turbo Y-Pipes.

Until then, 991 Turbo owners will have to be satisfied with the very potent 991 Turbo IPD Plenum that delivers an additional 35+ WHP.

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