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996 and 997 Carrera Plenums Get Revised 82mm Competiton Design

996 997 74mm Plenum 01 smThe standard IPD 74mm Carrera Plenums (996 and 997.1) that utilize the factory 74mm throttle body are back in stock and ready to ship. The latest production runs of the new and improved 996 and 997.1 Carrera Plenums benefit from the same advancements implemented in the 996 and 997.1 Carrera Competition 82mm Plenums featuring the dimpled surface for improved flow and larger "belly" area for superior volumetric efficiency.

New discoveries with Plenum performance improvements and Plenum manufacturing techniques always trickle down to other Plenum applications where they are then tested and validated. The new standard Carrera Plenums have always been a proven performance upgrade and these latest improvements should yield even more power and torque for any 996 or 997.1 Carrera.

Learn more and order your 997.1 Carrera Plenum >>

Learn more and order your 996 Carrera Plenum >>

996 997 74mm Plenum 04 sm