The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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991 Carrera Plenum Arrives

991-Plenum-01 thumbThe new 991 Carrera is arguably one of the sexiest Porsches to come out of Stuttgart in recent years. But like most Carreras, power output is controlled to meet a "performance target" that satisfies the masses and not the dedicated Porsche driving enthusiasts. The latest generation of Carreras continues the trend of 911's gravitating towards a GT Touring class and away from a sports car specific category. But this doesn't alter the eternal quest for more power and improved performance, and IPD is there to scratch that proverbial performance itch.

In typical Porsche fashion, new car model launches and new engine launches tend to be staggered. The engine in the new 991 remains relatively unchanged from the previous 997.2 Carrera. Porsche is famous, even genius, for developing components with a very long shelf life that can be utilized for many years as well as being shared with multiple model platforms. The intake system on the 991 is "nearly" identical to the 997.2 Carrera. Changes had to be made to the Plenum casting to accommodate an additional air-temp sensor which proved to be more challenging than expected as well as different hardware.

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