The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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The highly anticipated IPD DFI Plenum is set to be available this August, as in 2010. Porsche has thrown after market tuners a mean curve ball with it’s latest DFI (Direct Fuel Injection) equipped cars. Producing additional power over the factory power curves has proved challenging if not impossible with standard and conventional bolt-on performance parts. IPD has experienced similar hurdles developing the new DFI Plenum for the 2009 Carreras, Caymans and Boxsters.

The long over due release of the IPD DFI Plenum is the result of an extended and continual tuning process that includes both major and minor design revisions. Multiple internal diversion variations were tested, tuned and tested again all in an effort to achieve optimum volumetric efficiencies and power gains. Early version DFI Plenums delivered promising power gains but we knew there was additional unrealized power.

In typically IPD fashion, a hand full of varying versions were installed on local test mules (Carrera S 3.8L, Carrera 3.6L and Cayman S) to be real world tested with daily street driving and track pounding. There has been a unanimous consensus of “thumbs up” approvals with all of our DFI Plenum testers. The IPD Plenum was claimed to “dramatically” improve performance and enhancing the DFI driving experience with each of the DFI Porsche models tested.


Although dyno pulls are the only true scientific way of measuring actual power improvements from any performance part, initial glowing reviews from field testers have been very optimistic. The final iteration of the new IPD Plenum for the DFI cars is almost ready for the machine shop. By the time you read this, DFI Plenums should be very close to being on the shelf and ready to be installed on your Porsche.

Final DFI Plenums will be sent to a select number of reputable IPD dealers so they can perform their own impartial dyno testing to gain an unbiased evaluation of the new DFI Plenums themselves. As always, IPD will release power gain figures as soon as they are consistently replicated on multiple vehicles. Initial testing has shown impressive power and torque gains from mid range to redline without dipping below the factory power curves in the lower rpm range.

IPD appreciates all the extra patience from our future DFI customers. IPD shares your enthusiasm and excitement for the much anticipated launch of the new DFI Plenums.