The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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992 Plenum 02 330pxThe 992 Turbo engine is another modern marvel from Porsche. We were fortunate enough to have unlimited access to a 992 during our extensive development and testing program. This unrestricted time frame proved to be invaluable, allowing IPD to scrutinize every engineering and design aspect in an effort to deliver the best performing Plenum possible.

Like all previous IPD Turbo Plenums, the 992 Plenum is a product of efficiency that produces substantial HP and TQ gains through a superior and patented “Y” design that manages and delivers optimized air flow for enhanced engine performance. The Plenum has been proven to produce substantial net gains across both power bands and is guaranteed to elevate the driving experience of any Turbo.

Development started with a 1D simulation to optimize the treatment of pulse peaks in the intake tract using different pipe geometry and known engine parameters of the 992. We then graduated to optimizing 2D slices of the plenum in CFD, paying special attention to places where adverse pressure gradients that might cause separation. This allowed us to adjust curvatures on the plenum faces and build up our understanding of what was happening inside the pipe at full throttle.

After we were pleased with the 2D slices we graduated to 3D adding in all the geometry to make this a plug and play bolt-on part with optimal performance characteristics. After hundreds of geometrical and CFD iterations, we were pleased with not-only the increase in mass flow compared to the stock intake, but also the uniformity of the charge pressure and velocity across the 2 branches.

The efficiencies of the Plenum dramatically reduce initial turbo lag down low helping access the power and torque sooner, but the bulk of the power and torque gains are realized from 4000 rpm to redline, where we need and enjoy it most. The HP and TQ gains continue to increase and out-perform the factory air distributor as you climb through the revs. Peak gains of 35+ wheel HP and 35+ wheel TQ are achieved above 6000 rpm. The 992 Turbo Plenum delivers very impressive power and torque gains that will raise the performance bar of the already potent Turbo as well as raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

992.1 Turbo Non-S/S 3.7L 74mm IPD Plenum ('20-Current) | Part #92274-3.7