The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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I have to say I definitely feel a difference in the torque and HP after installing the competition plenum on my 911. Very quick and easy to install. Definitely ately a must do upgrade !

2007 Carrera S

After taking stock throttle body and plenum off the Porsche and then installed the IPD plenum with new throttle body and silicone hose got more horsepower out of the engine big win I would think reasonable price too

2001 986 Boxster

Fantastic product, excellent design and met performance expectations.

2011 Boxster Spyder

The IPD made all the other performance mods in my car come together. Wow! Transformational. The smoothness and torque through the entire rpm band is addicting. Cannot get enough driving time on my 991.2 Carrera S.

M. Alvarez
991.2 Carrera S 3.0L

Have gained noticeable power due to the IPD Plenum and Y-Pipe, would recommend to anybody looking for more than what stock has to offer.

V. Naro
991 Turbo S

Love it! Also added hi flow air box and filter. Picked up 20+ HP and a noticeable amount or low end grunt. Feels great on the track or bopping around in the hills.

S. Peck
1999 Carrera

As one of the first new Cayman S owners ( American, living in England, USAF military) I made many modifications including an IPD plenum to the 3.4 engine which improved the overall performance and tractability . The Porsche is a "keeper" and the plenum performs faultlessly to this day!

E. Terris
987.1 Cayman S

Fantastic build quality and finish. I was hesitant at first but so glad I did it. It is one of the lower cost upgrades we can add to our car. I love the change in sound and improvement in throttle response. Very easy to install with a few simple tools. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. You'll be glad you did.

B. Fugok
997.1 Carrera S

Stock, this twin turbocharged car's ONLY "weak" point has been its lack of the various sounds that would come along with an NA performance car otherwise. Luckily there are plenty of aftermarket exhaust options to bring out a better exhaust sound, but I was thrilled to find how the IPD Y-Pipe and Plenum helped to increase the glorious induction-type noises heard in-cabin, after installing the Y-pipe to tap into for Meth nozzles (which would not be the best idea to do with the OEM y-pipe, as it is thin plastic.) These parts are really solid and offer a lot of confidence with regards to being tapped into for the injections ports. I am also sure that these components added to the quicker spool that my car has, after further tuning by Sam Ahdoot of By Design, once installed, due to their increased intake airflow. Lastly, they look the part that this platform offers much more so than the plastic components that come stock.

Bill S.
991.1 Turbo

IPD, thank you for developing a cable throttle version plenum for the 3.4l motor. I can state that this plenum does provide an immediate improvement in throttle, and therefore engine, response to inputs. As demonstrated by PCA videos, this product does provide the positive results shown and is felt. Thank you again for your Engineering efforts.

R. Johnson
1999 Carrera