The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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Very easy installation and immediate results. Definitely greater throttle response and boost at all ranges. Very happy with this.

M. Wallisa
2001 986 Boxster S

After taking stock throttle body and plenum off the Porsche and then installed the IPD plenum with new throttle body and silicone hose got more horsepower out of the engine big win I would think reasonable price too

2001 986 Boxster

Fantastic product, excellent design and met performance expectations.

2011 Boxster Spyder

The product is must for all Porsche owners. In addition to the plenum, I have added a TB from the Carrera GT. The power is just sublime. Greg (salesperson) was a great support through the entire process and made it all easy for me.

G. Galarregui
987.1 Boxster

Great quality and upgrade can feel the difference!

S. Shipe
986 Boxster

Great product and easy to install. More air = more horsepower

J. Eager
986 Boxster S

Nicely designed, easy to install (by Boxster standards anyway) The real proof is in driving the car!! the throttle response is totally an upgrade from stock, had to adjust the way I let out the clutch from a stop because it is sooooooo much better!

J. Yoder
986 Boxster