The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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The IPD Plenum significantly improves the sound and performance of the 2.9 Liter Flat Six- a must have upgrade for Porsche owners!

K. Hughey
2009 Cayman

The IPD Plenum in combination with the GT4 throttle body, headers, high flow cats, exhaust and a tune produced phenomenal results in increased horsepower and torque. Based on Dyno results the Cayman now produces 317 hp to the rear wheels. The throttle response and performance are mostly contributed to the IPD Plenum and GT4 throttle body. I couldn’t be happier! Greg and his team are incredible to work with. Great job IPD!

B. Murphy
2014 Porsche Cayman S

Terrific craftsmanship

W. Strickland
2014 981 Cayman S

excellent instructions for installation, easy install overall. The throttle response and engine response has improved drastically, I highly recommend.

A. Penrith
2006 Cayman S and 2016 GT4

Best upgrade yet!

J. Delro
2016 GT4

Lots of improvement to throttle and power.

B. Santos
2016 981 GT4

Love it, it is a must have upgrade.

H. Nguyen
2014 Cayman S

Great product made in USA, customer service is great!

T. Dan
2016 981 GT4

The IPD plenum transformed my car.

C. Lo
2016 GT4

I noticed a meaningful difference after I installed the IPD plenum and throttle body

T. Dobyns
2014 Cayman S, 2013 Boxster