The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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Absolutely LOVE it. Great throttle response!!

M. Deltces
2008 Cayman Sport

Absolutely love it!

P. Bazell
2016 981 GT4

Major "bling" that actually DOES improve the motor's performance.

G. Stout
2008 Cayman

Very nice increase in power and throttle control.

W. Walton
2007 Cayman S

Excellent quality and fit. Much better response and smoother throttle delivery.

K. Yamanaka
2006 987.1 Cayman S

Great upgrade

A. Jessa
2016 981 GT4

It is a great product for my 981 GT4. It added a lot more medium and top range power. Clearer throttle. Would do it again every time.

H. Knighter
2016 981 GT4

82mm competition size gave better throttle response, increased acceleration @3800 RPM. More fun to drive- love it.

2007 Cayman S

Great OEM quality parts with results on the dyno!

G. Haye
2011 987.2

Great increase in power across rev range. No codes!

G. Keyser
2010 Cayman S