The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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Great customer support when I had concerns about used product purchased and decided to purchase a new Y-pipe. Y-pipe and plenum was also used in my prior 997.1 Turbo with tune. Highly recommend.

C. Lawnicki
2017 991.2 Turbo S

I love the performance improvement. I plan to purchase another plenum for my 2000 911

W. Duryea
2003 996 turbo

Made a huge increase in boost

R. Bualces
2003 Turbo

Works Great!!

G. Roberts
2002 Turbo

Nice upgrade to low end torque, throttle response, and sound.

A. Usra
2007 997 Turbo

I installed the Boxster plenum and throttle body myself, it was a very easy install, such a great design and performance for both my Boxster and 911 turbo. IPD has done a great job to make this a easy install especially the intake hose on the Boxster, it flexes quite well but is still strong.

D. Bourlet
2008 Boxster S and 2004 911 turbo 996

I just wanted to upgrade for a little more horsepower but got more than expected!

D. Smith
2002 996 TT

I am so pleased with my purchased. I called IPD and spoke with Greg. We discussed what my intentions are for the car, and he recommended the standard Plenum that utilizes my factory throttle body as being better suited for what I wanted to get road performance wise (vs track), along with advising on a load of other considerations I was planning for the car. Since the installation, I can definitely tell the difference and am very pleased with the performance. :-)

A. Wyld
2008 997.1 Turbo

Have gained noticeable power due to the IPD Plenum and Y-Pipe, would recommend to anybody looking for more than what stock has to offer.

V. Naro
991 Turbo S

Stock, this twin turbocharged car's ONLY "weak" point has been its lack of the various sounds that would come along with an NA performance car otherwise. Luckily there are plenty of aftermarket exhaust options to bring out a better exhaust sound, but I was thrilled to find how the IPD Y-Pipe and Plenum helped to increase the glorious induction-type noises heard in-cabin, after installing the Y-pipe to tap into for Meth nozzles (which would not be the best idea to do with the OEM y-pipe, as it is thin plastic.) These parts are really solid and offer a lot of confidence with regards to being tapped into for the injections ports. I am also sure that these components added to the quicker spool that my car has, after further tuning by Sam Ahdoot of By Design, once installed, due to their increased intake airflow. Lastly, they look the part that this platform offers much more so than the plastic components that come stock.

Bill S.
991.1 Turbo