The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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991.2 Turbo Plenum Raises the Performance Bar Again
IPD took delivery of its 991.2 Turbo S and the R&D started the second it arrived at its new home. The new Turbo doesn’t substantially benefit from any one particular upgrade, but the sum of its improvements deliver a superior overall Turbo compared to the already impressive 991.1 Turbo it replaces.
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IPD Carrera Plenums – Elevating Carrera Flat 6 Performance to the Next Level Since 1999
Explore the power and performance of all the IPD Carrera Plenums from 996 to 991.2

All IPD Plenums deliver substantial performance gains guaranteed to elevate the driving excitement of any Porsche, but the Carrera Plenums substantially improve engine power and torque across both power bands, especially in the mid-range.
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All New 991.2 Carrera Turbo Plenums are Here!!!
The new 991.2 turbocharged Carrera Plenums are now available for new Carrera drivers looking to raise the performance bar of their 3.0L turbo engines. The Carrera Plenum is very similar to the Turbo Plenum with only minor modifications to the hardware package.
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All About IPD Plenums in Under 60 Seconds
5 Most Important Facts Superior and more efficient design over the factory intake.The IPD Plenums are products of efficiency that simply improve intake air flow and increase air velocity.
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Explore the Power and Performance of the IPD Turbo Plenums
All IPD Plenums deliver substantial power and torque gains guaranteed to elevate the performance of any Porsche, but the Turbo Plenums deliver an even bigger power with both stock and modified Turbos. The patented “Y” design of the IPD Plenums work exceptionally well with forced induction applications
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The Dimple Effect
IPD's continual quest for improved performance has led to many innovative designs and developments over the years. Once these new ideas are tested and proven to deliver quantifiable performance gains they are then employed in the manufacturing process for future production components.
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